Here you will find a list of the HKC Products and a description of their function which will help you choose the most secure options

HKC Quantum Alarm Panel A Compact Fully Wireless System
HKC 10270 Hybrid Alarm Panel Wireless and Hard Wired Options
HKC PIR Wired or Wireless Movement Detector
HKC Mobile Phone APP Connected via the HKC GSM Modem to your mobile
HKC Touch Keypad High Spec Remote Keypad RKP
HKC Wireless Inertia Sensor Available in White Brown & Grey
HKC FOB Allowing Arming & disarming with Panic Alert Button
HKC Wireless SABB External Wired or Wireless Sounder
HKC Wired or Wireless Panic Button This PA Unit is Live 24/7 and will alert the Garda if connected to a Alarm Monitoring Station
HKC Wireless Smoke Detector Active 24/7 and will alert the Emergency Services when connected to a Monitoring Station
HKC CO Detector Unit Carbon Monoxide Wireless Detector which will alert the Emergency Services when Monitored
HKC Internal Sounder High Volume Internal Sounder which can be Wired or Wireless
HKC RKP Keypad This is the original Push Button Remote Keypad which was replaced by the HKC Touch Unit
HKC PIR Cam This Movement Detector unit will take Snap-Shot Images and will send them to your Mobile
HKC Wireless Expander Unit This will enhance the wireless signal allowing long range monitoring of devices
HKC GSM Modem Providing a path for alarm signals to be sent to your mobile phone or the Monitoring Station