security considerations before you choose your alarm system

These security questions will help you make an informed assement

Since we started our business in Dublin in 1977 we have seen many changes in security.
But the same rule applies when it comes to being provided with a quality alarm system
" The after sales service"
A big brand or a flashy website may impress you and some will advertise extremely low prices on radio or Tv to get your interest, But!
Ask yourself the following before you make the phone call to any Alarm Company.
Will you own the system or are you just renting it.
Is the service contract just for one year allowing you to assess their service.
Are you tied into a long contract with no options to switch provider.
Like with your Electricity, how easy is it to switch if you wish to.
Can the make of system be serviced or maintained by another alarm company.
Is it a well know brand like HKC with parts available in Ireland.
If you are not happy with the service, will they allow or help you to switch.
Will they take out the old alarm system at no additional charge or @ €?
Will the system provide you with perimeter security to all of your windows & doors.
Or are they just relying on internal PIR Movement detectors which only activate when someone is already in you home!
PIR's or Internal Cameras are a great addition but only as a backup to the perimeter
Will the PIR Camera images go directly to your mobile or are they visible to the staff in the Monitoring Station.
PIR Movement detectors are automatically turned off when you are at home, so have you the perimeter security on all of the vulnerable external windows and doors.
If you leave a window open will the alarm keypad alert you of same, in other words, does it have a Magnetic Reed Contact MRC fitted.
Will the windows have inertia-vibration sensors fitted to provide an early warning.
Will the system have both an internal and external sounding bell.
Does the alarm system just rely on your Wi-Fi or does it have a GSM Backup unit.
We hope that this will help in making an informed decision and please feel free to email us with any of your questions or give us a call whether you choose us or another provider.

Our Recommendations
  • Choose the market leader HKC.
  • Choose Perimeter Security and not just PIR movement detectors.
  • Choose the HKC APP to your mobile.
  • Make sure you can switch provider.
  • Choose only a 12 month contract first.
  • Choose a Local PSA Certified Company and make sure you receive a Cert.
  • Choose Perimeter vibration detection with MRC's on windows & doors.
  • HKC GSM Backup to your Wi-Fi.
  • Don't rely on just broadband for your security as when the power goes so does your connection to your alarm.
  • Talk to us first 2840000