Why not choose a system that suits your budget today
Where you can add a wide range of options when the time is right
T. 2840000

Some providers may "RENT YOU" a system from as little as €99 euro 

But Beware " The Catch " which may tie you into a long contract period

There may be penalties if you choose to leave or where you try to Switch Provider 

You may find that No One Else can maintain repair or monitor some of these systems

Ask is it a HKC or Aritech brand as they are tried and trusted for over 30 years 

Purchase the right system from the start for as little as €399 

with a Self Monitoring APP to your mobile 

( Some of our T&Cs will apply But "No Sneaky ones! ")

  • Wireless or Hard Wired these PIR movement detectors will verify that it's a confirmed alarm.
  • Wireless and Hard Wired Options
  • This fully wireless panel encloses all the components including batter backup.
  • Smart Home Security where you can connect a range of wireless monitored detection zones
  • Home Secure Dublin Wireless Window & Door Sensor
  • Alarms4u Dublin Wireless PIR Movement Detector
  • Home Security Dublin External CCTV Camera
  • Smart Home Security Wireless Smoke Detector

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