HKC Wireless Detection Devices

Choose from the compact HKC Quantum fully wireless panel or the HKC Hybrid 10270 panel

 The Quantum Panel is an all-in-one panel with a built-in communicator which will allow you to Self-Monitor using the HKC Remote APP to your mobiles
You can choose from a range of HKC Wireless Alarm Detectors which include MRC's Magnetic Reed Contacts which will alert you if a window or door is open
The HKC Wireless Vibration Sensor which we recommend being fitted too all perimeter doors and windows.
The HKC PIR Movement Detector which will detect and verify if someone has entered the building, and which is a requirement by An-Garda should they be requested by the ARC Alarm Monitoring Station
Please remember that PIR Movement Detectors should only be used as a backup to the Perimeter Security provided by the HKC Inertia or MRC Detectors
The HKC GSM APP is a Modem which connects you to your HKC Alarm System and which is powered by the main alarm panel and has battery backup
Please remember that some providers may suggest just PIR's but these will only activate after someone has already entered your home or premises
In addition if you are relying on just PIR's and you wish to walk around your home, then these PIR's will be automatically switched off leaving you unprotected!

For more information on the HKC range of products or to discuss the various options you have, please phone us on 2840000
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